Tuesday, September 26, 2006

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“Relax, Heather,” I say. “Just lay back and relax. Let it come.”

"Then I was on top of him."

"My God, she's giving me a trip around the world," he thought. His cock stiffened and he spread his legs as he prepared to enjoy the expected blowjob, but as he tried to look around to see what was happening, Monica's legs squeezed his head and her hands held his arms. She didn't want Mike to pay attention to anything but her pussy so he made no further effort. "I'd like to watch my cock going in and out of her mouth," he thought, "But I can enjoy being sucked off without watching."

Her day at Kindergarten dragged. Perhaps the kids picked up on her jittery inability to concentrate, or they sensed something in the wind, but even the normally quiet kids joined in the riot and cacophony of noise. It passed over her and she didn't really notice until Anne from the next room popped her head in and asked if she could keep the noise down a bit.

"And those *are* really big," I said.

I remember the day she watched me cut out the metal framework, hand laminate the coating on. It took me about 15 minutes to make the piece.


Katie had wondered if the picture Jane sent her was truly what she looked like and was very relieved to find out it was. She had found the older woman in the picture to be very attractive and had often masturbated as she fantasized about being with Jane, being taught how to make love to another female.

She missed him. Long after their falling out, she dealt with an unresolved anger that caused her on more than one restless night to examine its true source. Was she angry because Luc lied to her, or because he knew certain truths about her that she barely understood herself? She felt like a frenetic jigsaw puzzle- Sanaii the performer and the introvert, the good girl and the cock-craving bad girl. Lucas had uncovered all of that behind her mask. His actions had inadvertently forced her out of her box, and into a raw, unflinching place filled with mirrors. The eternal question of "who am I?" still plagued her many days (as it does most everyone regardless of age), but at least she was no longer resigned to be a patchwork of labels, self-imposed or otherwise, anymore. His apology made her want to cry in relief. She ached for those few words to forgive him for his dishonesty and her for being naive. Sanaii turned away from her desk when a knock sounded on her door. She didn't have many visitors, though she had made a few new friends in the modern dance department.

I slowly began to move up to withdraw it, but all the movement had brought some rigidity back to his cock and I discovered that I would have to slide much further up his body to get it all the way out of me. As I mulled over the best solution to this unique problem, I could feel it growing and twitching inside of me. The sensation was accompanied by dirty thoughts, and incestuous lust was filling me again. Lying on top of him, my breasts pinned against his chest, I gently pushed my pelvis all the way against his. Arching my back again and pushing up with my knees, I let it slide out far enough that when I pushed it back in, I could feel my lips parting to accept it. All the way in until I felt my cervix give way to his knob, then all the way back out again.

We started finger fucking each other in rhythm with each other as our mouths and tongues worked overtime. Just as I felt Lois's pussy squeeze my fingers in a mini orgasm I felt myself start to contract around her fingers.

I had heard that word before, but never liked it. I told Sun Li to get the hell out of there. She left, but I knew everyone else in bar would find out what had happened between me and Ty. You see, Sun Li has a very big mouth for gossip. What’s bad is some Koreans are very racist towards black people. Of course, these are the same Koreans who scream when anyone acts racist towards them. The rest of the night was filled with smirks and sly comments from the other workers.

I reluctantly loose you from my hug and we walk into the shower together. We get in and I wash your hair, then rinse. A kiss or two with the water running down our faces. Then I take the Oil of Olay buff puff and wash you all over. You do the same for me, then we get out and towel off, and go our separate ways to dressers and closets.

Nancy turned and faced him, hugging herself nervously, as if she didn't know what to do next. Then Ted took her in his arms and kissed her. Moaning softly, she pressed against him, her arms locking him in a powerful embrace.

"No, of course I don't mind, Rick!" came the hastily shouted reply from Kim just a few moments later, and he couldn't help but smile just a little bit as he caught the note of desperation in the sexy ancestral Indian beauty's voice. "Come on in, and we'll head straight on out."

Things were about to change.

I really wanted to get my mind off of him, and I didn't want to stare at him, so I tried to think of something to cool me down. I asked him if he wanted to watch some porn, and he accepted my offer. We closed the door to my room, and I turned on the Playboy channel. (The university had also provided me with some interesting amenities.) I lied down on the far side of the bed which was up against the wall, and Josh sat down on the edge. I was paying more attention to his back than I was to the screen. His muscles were much defined, and his shirt with the cut-off sleeves was driving me absolutely wild. I could see his well developed arms and his defined back muscles were pushing against his skin tight shirt. There was a small patch of hair under his arms, which just made me think about hair in other places. I was lost in ecstasy, but with his masculine build and the attention that he seemed to pay attention to the movie, I was sure he was straight. Thank god looks can be deceiving.

"Irish Spring soap. I showered."

"Of course not, my love. I will ingest the entire load of jism."

She felt the warmth of a body near her own as two hands now worked their way around her body. When they slid over a portion of her skin still covered with clothing they'd pull or tear at the fabric so that little by little, more and more of her body was exposed. As her body shivered at the touch, she could see people in the front of the club begin to take notice of her and her skin went flush. Just then the voice spoke again. You are almost there. First your subconscious gave itself to Me. Now your body has given itself over to My control. Your conscious thoughts are now only to obey. One thing remains for you to be released. One thing remains for your body, mind, and will to revel in the sensual energy that consumes your entire being. Are you ready to surrender what will bring you to completeness?"

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